Autism is a very common problem for many kids at their early age. This is a developmental disorder that will affect children in their first three years making it a significant challenge to parents. Autism will affect the child’s social and communication skills making it very important for the parents to try as much as possible to improve the condition of their kids. While there are many methods to control autism using essential oils is one of the best.

Many researchers have shown that essential oils will have a calming effect on autistic kids. It has been proved that autistic kids who have been supplemented with essential oils for 90 days will have improved learning and language skills, sleeping patterns, focus, social interaction, and cognition. They will also feel more energized, and relaxed.

What are essential oils

Essential oils are natural oils that get extracted from parts of plants such as flowers, roots, leaves, berries, fruit peel, and bark. Essential oils have been used for health purposes since immemorial as they are made of hundreds of chemical components that will have several benefits to the kid’s health.

Tips when using essential oils for autistic kids:

1. Avoid oral admission

These oils are very concentrated, and they should be handled with a lot of care. In fact, if you are working with a professional, they will advise you to keep essential oils away from kids. Never try to give them to the kid orally and in case your kid takes them accidentally you should seek the help of a doctor immediately. The best way to give them to the kids is through diffusion or applying diluted oils directly to the skin. There are carrier oils that you should use to dilute essential oils before giving them to the kids.

2. Test the oils first

There are many types of essential oils in the market, and you should make sure the one you are applying to your kid is pure and natural. Although these oils will not have allergens testing them before using is very important. Use one oil at a time and monitor how your kid will react to each of them. Any oil that will cause breathing problems, itchiness, swelling or tenderness, skin reactions like rashes and boils, and digestive issues should not be used.

3. Professional advice

Before you start essential oil application to your kid, you must get professional advice first. A doctor will examine the condition of your child and tell you if you can use the oils. Also, don’t use essential oils when your kid is under any other medication. If you are not sure about the way to go, make sure you contact an expert before you start the treatment to your kid. This way you will never go wrong, and you will be sure whatever you are giving your kids is right for them.


Using essential oil to kids with autism is an excellent option. Although these oils will not cure the condition completely, they will improve the condition of your kid. Make sure to get the help of a professional whenever you are not sure what to do.

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